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Mr Michael Virardi - Closing Speaker

Closing speaker - The world is going mobile. Are you moving or standing?

Currently at the age of 42, Michael is one of the youngest trainers, motivational speakers and authors in the country. His energy, enthusiasm and knowledge have made him one of the most sought out speakers at company events, training sessions and conferences in Cyprus, England, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Spain and the USA. Michael is also a visiting Professor at the University College London (UCL), which was voted the 4th best University in the world in 2013. He is also the author of two best selling books which also feature on Amazon and they are: «POSITIVE IMPACT!» and «CRISIS? LET’S BEAT IT!».

In this 20 minute speech Michael Virardi will talk about how Management Assistants can successfully spot and ride the wave of “New Realities”.

This speech is all abut creating value for the two most important people in any Management Assistant's business life. Her manager and herself. Michael Virardi will talk about how a Management Assistant can be a value-creator by being a great listener, thinker and doer who manages to win the trust of the people she interacts with. As the Winston Churchill once noted: “It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required (of us)!"