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Mr Michael Strouthos

Workshop - Productivity in the Digital Era

Entrepreneur, business strategist and technology enthusiast. Studied Economics (BSc) and Computer Science (MSc). Having more than 7 years in the financial business sector. Co-Founder & CEO of Cocoon Creations, a boutique digital agency specialising in custom mobile application development. National champion (2014/15), Entrepreneur of the year category, at the European Business Awards. Founding member and executive board member of Cypriot Enterprise Link, a youth-led non-profit organisation aimed to connect and support the Cypriot entrepreneurial talent.

Productivity in the digital era

A practical workshop on how to utilise technology into your daily work and enhance your productivity. The workshop will include topics on digital communication, task management, travel management and online collaboration. We will discuss on the practicality of each tool and will go through a demonstration of each one, followed by an open Q&A session.

•Digital communication

We will discuss about tools that take communication to the next level to ensure nothing is lost in translation. (Will talk about Google Hangouts, Skype and Cisco WebEx)

•Task management

Managing and disseminating an array of different tasks can be a huge burden and greatly time-consuming. There are tools that can help make your life easier and all tasks to be done on time. (Will talk about Evernote, Wunderlist and Asana)

•Travel management

We will discuss about tools that you can use to better manage travel itineraries. (Will talk about Tripit, Kayak and Skyscanner)

•Online Collaboration

Working on shared files is an almost impossible task if you do not utilise technology and the tools that currently exist. We will discuss on how to use such tools to collaborate with ease. (Will talk about Google Drive, Dropbox and MS Office 365).