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Benefits of becoming a Member

If you are a member of European Management Assistants Association

You are a member of a unique & qualitative pan-European professional network that covers a range of different business cultures, languages and different lifestyles
You can participate in recognition of the importance of the profession across Europe
You can get updates on the latest developments in the profession
You can obtain relevant information and support through its network, publications and web site of the Association through: 

  • One Communication Platform (forum), where you can send mail or engage in discussions on issues relating to the profession
  • One part of education / training, where you can find interesting articles and links to useful information (links to other websites, reports and articles on various labor issues, etc.)
  • Having access to the database with the contact details of other members that are essential for networking

You have opportunities for continuous education and self-development by attending seminars in minimal cost or free
You can affect the creation of the right framework of the occupation of the Executive Assistant
You are part of the different groups that handle matters relating to your interest and you share the successes of the aims of the Association.
You learn to be more creative and by gaining new ideas and experiences related to your profession
You can participate in conferences and workshops across Europe
You can participate in transnational groups
You have a reduced fee in attending the annual National Conference for Secretaries and administrative assistants held by Q -Training and in the Certification acquisition of ACTA.
It enhances your CV as you are part of a core of professionals able to staff the administration support of a business.

The vast experience of its members often provides solutions to business problems through the network. The business meetings and social gatherings offer a good opportunity to establish friendly relations among individuals with similar interests, and continuous training contributes to the personal development of members.