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Management Assistant's Day Celebration - 2014

Management Assistant's Day Celebration 2014

Excursion to Agros Village

Date:     11 May 2014

EUMA Cyprus celebrated Management Assistant’s Day by organizing an excursion to the picturesque Village of Agros on the slopes of Mount Troodos, in the heart of Pitsilia region scheduled to take place during the Annual Week of the Rose Festival, at the peak of rose blossom.  This activity gave all members and friends participating the opportunity to enjoy an authentic and traditional experience.

The guided tour of the Rose Factory enhanced our knowledge of how the rose-growers pick around half a million rose buds during the early hours of morning while the leaves are still damp with morning dew. These flowers fill the whole region with a sensational fragrance. Villagers at Agros and the surrounding communities use the rose extract to produce rose oil, rosewater, liqueur, and brandy.

We also visited the Traditional Sweets Company where the owner uses only pure fruits and excellent quality materials to produce her traditional products embodied with all her personal love and care.

The coffee time at the village square in the morning, and the very rich Cyprus buffet lunch in the warm environment of the «RΟDΟΝ» Hotel gave us the opportunity to relax and network whilst enjoying the nature’s beauty from the balcony.