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European Conference 2015



European Management Assistants (EUMA) Cyprus Branch hosted the 41st Annual Conference & AGM of the European Association.  The main venue of this Conference was the magnificent Amathus Beach Hotel in Limassol and took place from 23 - 27 September 2015.

A small organizing committee (all volunteering members of EUMA Cyprus) undertook to organize all aspects of this Annual Conference, which included EUMA’s Council meetings, the Conference Day with keynote speakers, four options of workshops, the AGM of the Association, about seven choices of Pre and Post Conference Tours and a Cyprus Products Exhibition.

The Conference attracted more than 200 participants from 23 countries, most of which were high calibre Management Assistants, including PAs, Marketing, HR and Legal professionals. 

The conference was crowned with great success and the organisers have received a multiset of congratulatory notes from participants expressing their admiration for the excellent organisation, the high quality of the Conference content, the venue as well as the social programme which included a welcome reception at the Pattichion Municipal Museum and a Gala Dinner at the garden lawns of the Amathus Hotel by the beach.  Sharing a comment by French participant Martine Lamy: "There are not enough superlatives to qualify this 6 star Conference. Everything was perfect!"

Mrs Rita Kotsapa, the National Chairman of EUMA Cyprus mentioned that it was a long journey of hard and passionate work with two main goals.  To deliver a high quality context conference but also a memorable Conference demonstrating the Cyprus hospitality, the professionalism of the Cypriots and promote our country, both as a tourist destination and an ideal centre for conferences.”

The Conference Day was opened by Mrs Androula Vassiliou, ex European Commissioner for Education, Culture, and Multilingualism & Youth.  Mr Jacovos Christofides was the Conference Moderator who orchestrated elegantly the conference programme.  The programme has been carefully designed to help participants face the realities of a constantly evolving business environment by anticipating and handling CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION in order to succeed and THRIVE.  

Prominent speakers and trainers addressed the Conference and delivered workshops, tackling issues which are expected to shape the future of the profession of Management Assistants: Mrs. Cleopatra Kitti, Mrs. Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani, Mr Dimis Michaelides, Mr Michael Virardi, Mrs Aleen Andreou, Mr Peter Andreou, Mr Michael Strouthos, Mrs Maggie Erotokritou.

The Conference was sponsored by Diligent U.K., Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Limassol Cooperative Savings Bank, Cyprus College, Hellenic Bank, ExxonMobil Cyprus NCR.

Supporters: Limassol Municipality, Unistat, Baker Tilly, Photos Photiades Group, Gregoris Hadjigregoriou Ltd.

Highlights from the 2015 EUMA Cyprus Annual Conference & AGM

Thank you EUMA Cyprus - it's been magnificent!
It's been a groundbreaking and incredible 3 days - learning, collaborating & friendship
Elizabeth Wakeling, EUMA U.K.

Thank you all for an amazing Conference -
Bravo you have done EUMA Cyprus very proud!
Artemis Kasapi, EUMA Cyprus

You have done a great job in Cyprus. Great conference.
A big thank you to the whole team. We truly enjoyed every minute in Cyprus. 
Sabrina Franchini, EUMA Belgium

Thank you Rita and your team. I have taken
you and our country in my heart xxx 
Chantal Sneikers, EUMA Deputy Chairman

Congratulations to EUMA Cyprus for the outstanding organization of the Council Meetings,
Conference and social gatherings. Ejfaristó!!
Gloria Gratacos  EUMA Spain

Thank you Rita (Rita Kotsapa), Maria (Maria Lazarou) and all the other
great ladies of the Cypriot team the conference was 100%
and your country too! I hope to be back some day!
Gudrun Eral Leistoddi, EUMA Iceland

Thank you for an amazing conference! Everything was perfect!  
Congratulations to you and your team Rita Kotsapa 
Tove Torgensen, EUMA Norway

EUMA Cyprus deserves a lots of congratulations for conducting so
successfully this year's conference. A big bravo to all the girls
who worked so hard and brought such a wonderful result!
Eleni Rizikianou, EUMA Greece

Thank you my dear Rita for your beautiful words! Our dedication,
commitment and passion for what we were aiming to deliver
back in 1995, led us to create (so we hear) lifelong memories
for those people who attended, as well as for us. This is something
we will always treasure. And you were of course a big part of it too
then and a vital and valuable member of my team. And now
we, here in EUMA Cyprus, are grateful that you took this huge task
upon you and presented, along with your great team, a wonderful,
high-spirited conference which also created a platform for re-unification,
re-bonding, recollection, re-visiting and so much warmth and love.
Warmest Congratulations! (And now please, go get as many massages
as you can get! ❤
Marlene Philippou, EUMA Cyprus

It was wonderful Rita Kotsapa, thanks again to your
top class, professional team
Helen Monument, EUMA Netherlands

Dear All,
A very big THANK YOU for a memorable EUMA Conference in Cyprus:
congratulations for the organization and all hard work behind.

Everything was brilliant, magical and like being in paradise. Great trainers/
speakers/moderator, ery interesting workshops, learnt a lot, superb dinner,
great welcome reception even with music, fantastic locations, very nice tours
and Cypriots are so kind and welcoming, not forgetting fabulous food
(not good for the waistline but…). 

The whole first experience in Cyprus was a must and I will definitely visit
Cyprus again, so much to see and enjoy.

Thanks again for this very nice and enjoyable break, full of rich experience
and meeting with known/new. We usually only hear critics, but so rarely
compliments. Therefore it is for me important to tell people when things are
great/well done as well as when things are not OK
since we do learn from mistakes. Even more brilliant and once again
congratulations if you did all the organization by yourself and,
indeed, you can be proud of yourself. 
Anne-Elisabeth Bastard, EUMA Switzerland

Ρίτα μου συγχαρητήρια και σε σένα και σε όλες τις κοπέλες που
δουλέψατε για το συνέδριο σας έβλεπα από Αγγλία και χαιρόμουν! 
Φανιό Στυλιανίδου, EUMA Cyprus

I would like to congratulate you and the organizing committee
for the immaculate conference you offered with professionalism,
care and love to all participants of EUMA Conference Cyprus. 
Elli Paoulli, EUMA Cyprus

Hello, It really was a great event and I have been
singing the praises to everyone who would listen.
Angela Parker, EUMA Germany


Αγαπητές Ρίτα και Έντρη καλημέρα!

Κατ’αρχή  θα θέλαμε να σας συγχαρούμε τόσο εσάς όσο και όλη
την ομάδα του EUMA για την άψογη διοργάνωση του συνεδρίου
σας και τη ζεστή φιλοξενία σας!

Ήταν όλα πολύ οργανωμένα και φάνηκε ξεκάθαρα η ομαδικότητα
και η σκληρή δουλειά που είχατε καταβάλει όλες σας.

Μπράβο σας!

Εμείς εντυπωσιαστήκαμε επίσης και από το έντονο ενδιαφέρον
των συνέδρων σας για τα υπριακά παραδοσιακά μας προϊόντα
και σας ευχαριστούμε ακόμα μια φορά για την συνεργασία.

Σας ευχόμαστε κάθε επιτυχία και ελπίζουμε να συνεργαστούμε ξανά!
Τζούλια Κωνσταντινίδου
Κέντρο Προβολής και Προώθησης
Παραδοσιακών Προϊόντων


An event to remember and I'm still motivated and happy.
Thank you again for your perfect organization, wonderful and
warm hospitality and professional AGM. To whom who missed it:
take the opportunity to participate the webinars coming soon. 
Christine Gudden, EUMA Germany


Dear EUMA Cyprus Conference Organizing Team,

A "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart for another memorable
"Cyprus Experience"! You offered a wonderful conference with such a
well-chosen theme, a space for networking as well as relaxation, room
for catching up in a typical Cyprus spirit. I'm sure that every conference
participant took away her/his added value and who has not enjoyed this
special moon lit gala evening with the sound of the sea in the background,
the lovely buffet dinner and the vibrant dancing performance. As you know,
I've had the privilege to be your guest several times and I so much
recognized the professional yet personal touch throughout the event.

Apart from that I loved catching up with you all, many familiar faces within
the Cyprus group that brought back dear memories from the past. It felt
like a warm, cozy blanket. Marlene and I spent some more days together
and that was a great privilege as well. When I came home yesterday
evening I felt that this wasn't the last time, so I just say "See you", we'll meet again.

Till then, be well, may you transform and thrive, and create your own
new realities, as there is a life after the conference!

Warmest embrace,
Karen Nanninga, EUMA Germany


Dear Rita, thank you for your warm hospitality and to you and your team for
a superb organization: too bad we could not stay longer and profit from
the tours that looked so inspiring...looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Silvia Solomon, Italy

Κορίτσια καλησπέρα, 
Ελπίζω να ξεκουράζεστε....το δικαιούστε απόλυτα!

Ευχαριστούμε πολύ για την όμορφη φιλοξενία σας, για την άπογη
διοργάνωση του 41ου Συνεδρίου της EUMA. Ανεβάσατε τα standards
των διοργανώσεων και άντε τώρα να σας πιάσουν οι άλλες χώρες!
Μεταβιβάστε τα συγχαρητήριά μας σε όλα τα κορίτσια της
Οργανωτικής Επιτροπής! Φιλιά πολλά, ευχαριστούμε πολύ και πολλά
συγχαρητήρια για την άριστη οργάνωσή σας!
Πηγή Γκίνη – Ιωάννα Κακαβέλλα, Piyi Ghini EUMA Greece

All my congratulations to you and your team for this extraordinary event.
Everything was perfectly organized. We really had a great time in Cyprus and
I hope to travel there again and spend more time in your beautiful country. 
Catherine Tresgots, EUMA NC France

An "Event per Excellence" that will not be forgotten.
Your hospitality wants me to come back for a well-deserved rest.
 Courrie Fourrie, EUMA South Africa

This was absolutely one of the best, if not even the best, EUMA conference I ever attended.
Thank you Cyprus team for a very good work done and the atmosphere created.
 Arja Rantanen, EUMA Findland



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